Dorian Villaseñor
Dorian Villaseñor
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I'm Dorian Gray Villaseñor, a dedicated Real Estate Professional proudly represting the #1 Team in Naples Long Beach-the Andy Dane Carter Group Luxury Real Estate. Oue team is renowned for our expertise in luxury properties in no just Naples  in Long Beach but also the scenic Newport Beach areas.

With an extensive background in busines entreprenurship both domestically and internationally, I bring a unique flair to every transaction. This experience has enriched my understanding of cultural nuancec, making me particuly adept at naviating international luxury markets, especially in Mexico, as underscored by my membership in the esteemed AMPI program.

Speaking fluent Spanish, I ensure that communication remains seamless and effective, particurly beneficial for our diverse clientele. My previous venture into restaurant acquisition has also provided me a nuanced apprectition for property valuation and potential. 

Outside the realm of Real Estate, my heart is deeply rooted in the arts of home decor, the culinary world, and the ever-evolving landscape of fashion. Each of these passions informs my perpective on spaces, aesthetics, and the lifestyle of possibilities a home can offer. Moreover, being actively involved in community outreach, I  understand the pulse and needs of our local neighborhoods, further enriching the tailored service I provide to my clients.

At the core of my approch is honesty, I believe in transparent communication and providing genuine advice tailored to each client's needs. Partner with me and the Andy Dane Carter Group, and you'll be aligning with legacy of excellence, intergrity, and unparrarelleled expertise in the luxury Reaal Estate Market. Let's embark on this journey together and make your Real Estate Aspirations come to Life!