5 Curb Appeal Ideas You Can Do To Attract Buyers During Covid

Despite the fact that there is a worldwide pandemic currently, many individuals are choosing to purchase or sell their homes. Covid-19 house buying is becoming increasingly popular, despite the laws regarding social distancing and the quarantining that potential buyers have to engage in. Home buying and selling may look a bit different now though, especially as everyone is trying to keep their loved ones and themselves healthy and safe. Buyers may not be able to spend significant time in the interior of your home, so they need to be attracted to it by the exterior. For that reason, below you will find five curb appeal ideas to attract buyers to your home.

1. Keep Your Lawn Healthy

If your grass is not left green and healthy, potential buyers may wonder what your home's health is like on the interior. The front lawn is immediately noticeable to anyone who pulls up to your home, and the first impression will be an impressive one if your lawn is green, beautiful, and healthy. Even if you cannot afford professional landscaping services, you can still achieve a healthy lawn. Make sure you keep the grass short and mowed, and add grass seeds if your home is more of a mud pit than anything.

2. Add Nighttime Appeal

Chances are that many buyers will not come by your home until the evening hours, and with it being winter, it will be dark outside. Make sure you have working lightbulbs and an attractive light structure on your front porch or stoop that illuminate the front door. Consider adding an exterior lamb or walkway lights as well to really enhance the curb appeal. No matter what you add for exterior lighting though, make sure that it all matches and is cohesive across the board.

3. Make the Garage Attractive

If your home has a garage that is on the front side of the house or next to the front of the house, you need to ensure that it is visually stunning. Consider repurposing the garage door or painting it a color that will tie in cohesively with the rest of your home. Make sure the area around the garage door is free of clutter as well so that potential buyers do not think that the house is a mess on the interior. Consider adding windows to the garage door or adding plants around it to give it a unique look as well.

4. Add Landscaping Detailing

There are many simple ways to add details to the landscaping of the front yard of your home, especially if you cannot afford a professional landscaping service. Mulch the areas next to the sidewalk and around the front porch, for instance, where you can add flowers and bushes. Consider adding perennial plants to your garden areas so that the flowers will continue coming back every year for the new homeowners. You can also add details to the front of your home by using unique numbers for the house number and beautifully designed front mats.

5. Consider the Front Door

Finally, you need to look at your front door and determine what you can do to make it attractive to potential buyers. This is the entry point of your home, and you want the door to reflect the rest of your home. Fix where there is chipping paint or consider painting it a custom color that showcases your personality. You could also even invest in a custom-made door so that the buyers will see something that is truly special about their potential new home.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to make your home attractive to potential buyers even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow the above tips to enhance the front curb appeal of your home and to show these buyers that you care about where you live and where they may eventually live. This will give them a great first impression and will leave them wanting to learn more about the home that could be theirs. You can feel confident knowing that you may be receiving the contact information of these potential buyers within a few days.

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