8 Ways To Celebrate Mom This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a beloved celebration for many. Unfortunately, living during a pandemic can make it difficult to be with your loved one. Older adults can be more vulnerable to Covid and its variants, so you may not want to risk an in-person get-together. There are some ways you can make this holiday special while maintaining safety and connection. Check out these eight fun ways to celebrate mom this Mother's Day.

1. Brighten Her Day With Decorations or Flowers

If you live near your mother, you can decorate the door of her home with bright and beautiful items. Add streamers, balloons, and homemade signs. Get the kids involved if you're a mom yourself. Plants and flowers are a tried and true gift most moms will love. You can arrange a porch drop-off if you live nearby or have your floral arrangement delivered if you're far apart.

2. Schedule a Phone or Video Call

What loved ones want most on their special day is usually time together and to feel connected. Your mother will appreciate a phone call or video chat to share the love on her special day and to catch up on life.

3. Get Outside

If your mother is local, you may feel comfortable getting together outdoors. There are lots of things to do in Long Beach that can let you enjoy some fresh air while spending meaningful time together. Walk in a park, have lunch on a restaurant's patio, or have a picnic.

4. Attend a Virtual Event Together

Thanks to modern technology, you can find plenty of virtual events and activities to enjoy together. Plan a museum tour, view beautiful gardens, or take in a show. All of these activities and more can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

5. Make a Special Gift

Moms appreciate homemade gifts even when their children are adults and may have kids of their own. If you have a special crafting skill, use it to create something personal for your mother. Take this opportunity to learn something new and express your creativity.

6. Set Up a Watch Party

If going to a movie or watching TV together is something you would ordinarily do, you don't have to skip it this year. Set up a watch party to virtually see the film or show together.

7. Give the Gift of Food

Cooking a meal for someone is a wonderful way to show love. If you live nearby, make your mother's favorite dishes and deliver them to her door. Otherwise, send her a new recipe along with the ingredients to prepare it. You can sit down over Zoom to enjoy brunch together.

8. Spruce Up Her Garden

Helping your mom with yard work would probably be an appreciated gesture. Give her a homemade gift certificate for your yard services. You can present it in a creative way or simply place it in a card. Live far away? Why not pay for an independent contractor or service to do the work?

Consider one of these fun ways to celebrate Mother's Day this year. Or use them as inspiration for sparking your own ideas.

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