9 Safe Ways To Ring In The New Year And Say Bye To 2020

This year has been rather different compared to previous years. The coronavirus pandemic forced the whole country to adapt. Nevertheless, with the holidays coming up, planning a safe New Year is at the top of everyone's list.

Key Points

  • Social Distancing Is Key
  • You Can Have Fun Safely
  • Do Not Be Afraid to Get Creative

This Year's Top New Years Activities

Luckily, simply because there is a pandemic does not mean you can't have a great New Year's party. With a little creativity, you can make this occasion even more memorable than usual. Below, we have listed a few ideas to get your brain pumping. See if you can come up with any unique ideas yourself. The more creative the ideas, the better your new years will be.

1. Grab a Tent and Camp in Your Backyard

Do you have a backyard? If so, it is the perfect setting for some outdoor exploration. Pick up a tent. Then, set up a base camp in the far reaches of your yard. Don't forget to pack all the supplies you will need. Otherwise, how will you make it through the night?

2. Hold a Board Game Tournament

Maybe, you don't have enough backyard space. In that case, you can move the festivities indoors. Gather all of your favorite board games. Next, have everybody choose which they would like to play. Finally, hold an all-night tournament to determine the winner.

3. Gratitude Lists and New Year's Resolutions

What are you grateful for this year? Despite the pandemic, we all should have a few things to be happy about. Hand out paper and pens so everyone can write down a gratitude list. Ultimately, you can share them with each other.

4. Everyone Should Cook a Dish

Food is a huge part of all cultures. Why not celebrate the new years with a potluck. Everyone in the family can prepare their signature dish. After cooking, you can feast throughout the night.

5. Planning for the Future

Of course, things may not have gone according to plan this year. That does not mean next year will be derailed. On the contrary, vaccines will be available soon. In celebration, plan out the next year. Fill it up with all the things you missed this year.

6. Talk About Everything From the Last Year

Obviously, lots of people have stuff on their minds right now. Take some time to get it all off of your chest. The holidays are the perfect time to support each other. Open up with your family, and put your heart out there.

7. Reach Out to People Who Need Support

Perhaps, you have had a rather decent year. That is great to hear. Not everyone had the same luck as you. See if you can make a difference in someone else's life. By reaching out, you never know who you can impact. Even if you think people don't need any support, offering it can help people more than you realize.

8. Fireworks and Smores

What do you think about when you think of the new year? To us, the first thing to cross our minds would be fireworks and smores. As long as they are legal, shoot off a few fireworks. Just remember that you need to have a campfire raging too. That way, people can watch the colorful explosions while enjoying home-made smores. Talk about a tasty way to bring in the new year.

9. Zoom Call Your Friends and Family

Finally, technology can save the day this holiday season. Most of us have learned how to use Zoom this year. Take it up a notch over the holidays. Organize a massive group call for all of your friends and family. That way, everyone can be together without putting each other in any danger. 

Safely Celebrating the New Year

Celebrations are an important part of life. Everyone has had a challenging year. Consequently, it is important for us to all blow off some steam over the holidays. Remember, you can celebrate without putting anyone at risk. All you need is your imagination.

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