9 Things To Do This Weekend In Long Beach

Long Beach is home to some and a tourist location to others. Either way, there is plenty to do in this sunny city. From museums to helicopter rides, one can feel like an adult kid in a candy store. Below are 9 things for you to do this weekend.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

The first fun thing you can do this weekend is taking a trip to Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden located at California State University. Inspired by the Imperial Gardens in Tokyo, the Japanese Garden has a zen garden, koi fish pond, and a cool little tea house to enjoy. This destination is for people who want to have a fun yet relaxing time.

Rancho Los Alamitos

If you love animals and history you should visit this beautiful location. This landmark was once home to Spanish and Mexican colonists but is now home to sheep, horses, and chickens. Field trip anyone?

The Antique Market

Next up we have the best outdoor flea market ever. This place is so cool that several celebrities have been spotted here. With over 500 vendors, you'll be sure to find a gem. You may even get an autograph. Be sure to check the website schedule for the next available event.

Rainbow Lagoon Park

Next on the list is an absolute favorite. Rainbow Lagoon Park is a family-friendly area with beautiful views. Often, there are festivals going on and a lot of them are free. There are also many places to eat around the area as well.

Aquarium of the Pacific

If you love wildlife, the Aquarium of the Pacific is a very nice place to visit. The aquarium features sea-creatures like Diving birds and giant octopus which is exciting to anyone viewing. You should visit as soon as you can.

Catalina Express

Have you ever heard of the Catalina Express? Book a trip to the gorgeous Catalina Islands and arrive in 1 hour. There are hotels, restaurants, and activities to enjoy. How could you say no?

The Waterfront

The L.B. Waterfront is a very cool and peaceful place to hang out, especially at night. From The Queen Mary to the lighthouse, there are many sights to enjoy. It just may become your favorite spot.

Belmont Shore

A visit to Belmont Shore will guarantee a fun and chill day for you. This place is family-friendly. There are many different types of restaurants and shops that you will be sure to love.

Private Helicopter Tour

Want something fun and unique? Surprise your wife this weekend by seeing the beautiful California coast from above. The views are incredible!

We hope you enjoyed our list. Have fun this weekend!

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