9 Things You Must Do When Selling A Luxury Home in Long Beach

It’s no secret that when you’re selling a luxury home your potential market shrinks down considerably before the “For Sale” sign ever goes into the front yard. While there is certainly a demand for luxury homes, Zillow reports that the average asking price for a home in the United States is around $226,000. While the average home price in Long Beach is higher than that, there are things that you’ll need to do to ensure that your Long Beach luxury home sales as quickly as you’d like it to for the amount that you’re looking for.

Pick the Right Agent

While there is certainly nothing wrong with real estate agents who aren’t familiar with the luxury home market, you want to make sure you choose someone who is well versed in the luxury market to help you get your property sold. All agents were new at some point, but that doesn’t mean you want to let someone practice their luxury home market skills on you. The stakes are high in this transaction, and you want to make sure you work with an agent who has verifiable experience with the results you’re looking for.

Staging Matters

Not only do you want to have an agent who knows how to sell luxury homes, but you also need a stager that has worked in the field as well. According to Homelight, a well-staged luxury property can net 25% more than one that isn’t staged professionally.

Mix Old School and New School Marketing

While social media channels are certainly a popular option for real estate agents looking to make a sale, you should be sure that you’re not neglecting all your available options. It’s entirely possible that potential buyers who are of more advanced age aren’t using Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat when looking for a home. Don’t be afraid to use local newspapers and other means to get your property in front of potential buyers.

Make Sure You Measure Up

In addition to the square footage of the living space, luxury home buyers are also interested in the cubic feet available in the home. That means that those high ceilings you’ve got could be a great selling point, so make sure that they’re being highlighted.

Quality Photos

We’ve already highlighted the need to use an established agent and a professional stager, but make sure that you’re not skimping on the photography, as well. A professional real estate photographer will know how and where to set up the camera to highlight the home’s best features. While there may be some added cost, it will be worth it in the long run.

The View

Luxury home buyers are just as interested in the view surrounding the property as they are the home itself. Prospective buyers in Long Beach are going to want to be able to take in the breath-taking scenery that surrounds the home, so make sure that your home’s view is highlighted everywhere that the property is being advertised.

High-End Features

Your home isn’t just a luxury property because of the square footage, ceiling height, or well-placed balcony. There are a lot of other features that set your property apart, and you need to make sure others know that as well. If you’re in an exclusive community, have a home that was designed by a famous architect or you’re selling a home with incredible amenities, make sure that people know that! 

Be Move-In Ready

People that are spending $500,000 or more on a home probably aren’t looking for a project house that has to undergo a ton of work before they can move in. Make sure that the property is ready for the new owners to turn the key, come in, and call it home when they sign on the dotted line.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Those who are in the market for a luxury home are also looking for the lifestyle associated with living in one. Make sure that you and your agent aren’t just highlighting the property itself, but the lifestyle offered by the surrounding areas. Long Beach has plenty to offer new residents, so use what our town has to get your property sold.

As long as there is a demand for property, there will be a demand for luxury property. Know what you need to do before you put your home up for sale and you will be able to enjoy the process.

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