America's New Years Celebration: Tournament of Roses Parade

The Tournament of Roses America's New Year Celebration was first held in 1886 and is the oldest annual festival in the United States. The two-day event features a variety of competitions for different age groups and activities such as beauty pageants, horse racing, and golf. This event is perfect for enjoying some time with your family or friends while celebrating the new year. This article will describe what the event offers, so you know what to expect when coming down to Pasadena, CA, this New Year's Day. The traditions that come with this event are one of the main reasons why people constantly travel down to attend.

Rose Parade

The Rose Parade is the most famous in America with the longest-running tradition. This event has been around for over 100 years and is usually watched by millions of people. This event happens every year in Pasadena, CA, and is characterized by extravagant floral floats and marching bands from around the world. The Rose Bowl football game follows the event. However, the parade is the main attraction.

Traveling about 5 miles of Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, the parade features over 200,000 flowers and plants and over 12,000 parade participants. The floats contain multiple scenes of both American culture and the rose flower. Each year, different themes are used in some of the floats to capture an audience. Some groups come from all around the world to apply for this event because it is such a great honor to be chosen to design one of the floral floats.

2023 Rose Parade Theme

The parade theme will be "Turning The Corner" in 2023. This year's theme will revolve around turning a new page in life and being able to start with a clean slate. The parade theme based on the global pandemic Covid19 was a substantial contributing factor in the role of this event. The parade also gives time for people to be social with their family and friends as everybody is forced together for a day filled with fun and excitement.

The Rose Bowl Classic Football Game

The Rose Bowl Game has always been essential to the Tournament of Roses celebration. It is one of the most widely watched college football games in the United States, and on new years day, it is the last game of the football season. The Rose Bowl Game has been hosted in Pasadena, CA, since 1922. The Rose Bowl Game has a history of being the first ever televised, being one of the oldest still in existence, and has been televised for the past 90 years. The game is always a great way to end the college football season with a bang and is watched by millions of people every year. The Rose Bowl Game was played initially between teams from the Big 12 until 2011 when it became a sporting event.

If you need things to do in Long Beach for the New Year celebration, you can always look into other activities in the area to help make your time spent as enjoyable as possible. The Rose Parade is always a great event to continue down into history as one of the major attractions of this event. The Rose Bowl Game will always have a way of tying in with the rest of the Tournament Of Roses America's New Year Celebration.

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