Andy Dane Carter visits the ALL Mindset Podcast

Episode 62 is a special one because we took the day out to visit “All Mindset Podcast”,hosted by Sina Azari.  Alongside me in the episode is Matt Franchina, an executive financial advisor.

Take a watch and let me know if you can relate.

Being an entrepreneur, not only do you need fire, you must have the mindset of being other there all the time. We talk about how I grew up, the best advice that I have been given, and my book 100 Doors.

Growing up poor, I was surrounded by people that had great stuff. This motivated me to be where I am today. Chasing things that other people have or a life style that they have can be viewed as materialistic, but at the end of the day well all desire what we want. The question is how much work you are willing to out in to get it. The words that changed my life was “Always buy the dirt”.  At the young age of 19, it stuck in my brain. That was my incentive to get into the long game of RE.

The tattoo all over my arm is linked to the story about the koi fish turning into the dragon. The moral of the story is that you can start out small, swimming your way up. In the end you can turn out to be something bigger than yourself. Life can take you on many ups and down, but you must also fid the way to preserve. I never like school much. I always found myself wanting to go out and do something, unsure of where I might end up. That is the life of an entrepreneur. The art is in the journey and my life is a master piece.

Thanks for watching.

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