Best 5 Pizza Spots That You Have To Try In Long Beach

Who doesn't love eating pizza? From the crust to the sauce, and from the cheese to any topping meant to go with it, there's so much to enjoy with a single slice or a whole pie! And when it comes to food like pizza, plenty of cities are undoubtedly famous for at least one iconic chain that stands out compared to the norm of big-name brands. They're usually family-run or have a common name that remains recognizable without being as franchised as Pizza Hut or Domino's. Just about every popular location across the US has at least one beloved pizza chain, and Long Beach is no exception. For today's article, it's time you learn about the 5 best pizza places in Long Beach!

5. ZPizza

Just because this pizzeria is low on the list of top pizza places In Long Beach, doesn't mean it's the weakest of the five. ZPizza strives to make use of natural ingredients so their pizzas can remain high-quality. Their topping selection is positively massive with classics like pepperoni and green peppers and unique options like Tuscan mushrooms and chicken. Aside from the standard pies, some of their meals include salads, sandwiches, and ZWings. Gluten-free options are also available, giving pizza fans something a little healthier than the norm.

4. LW Pizza

LW Pizza is one of those chains that feels like the perfect mix of serving pizza the way family-run spots do and having a few traits that bigger brands would have. As always, its menu has quite the selection of sizes and toppings for anyone to enjoy; one of its notable aspects include heart-shaped pizzas as well as The Legend 28" and its 32 slices. There's also some pasta to chow down on and hot subs worth enjoying with every single bite. What makes LW Pizza special compared to our list's top pizza places in Long Beach is the addition of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. While pizzerias, in general, sell sodas with familiar brand names and occasionally make desserts, it's rare when one sells dairy treats as most places would just serve ice cream cones or shakes.

3. Flippin' Pizza

You can't go wrong with New York-style slices, one of the highlights of this pizzeria! While most places usually serve pizza in that style, Flippin' Pizza does it better than even anyone else on this list of the 5 Best Pizza Places in Long Beach. If Brooklyn slices aren't just what you're looking for, their sides might be the cherry on top for your meal (if that makes sense). Whether you want their iconic Flip Sides, a lean and green salad to balance your eating habits, or a calzone with 2 sizes and 5 flavors to choose from, you won't regret any decision you make.

2. The 4th Horseman

Compared to most of the top pizza places in Long Beach, the name "4th Horseman" might be reasonably odd at first glance given how out of place it sounds. When you set aside how unusual the name seems for a pizzeria, what you actually get is a wicked bar that separates itself from everything else. It's not quite family-friendly thanks to its approach in being a bar on top of the references to dark humor (one of their toppings is even called "Death to Piggy"), but it is a breath of fresh air among the majority of pizzerias that feel similar to one another. The 4th Horseman will undoubtedly make a trip to the bar quite gothic!

1. Thunderbolt Pizza

Ranked number 1 among the 5 Best Pizza Places in Long Beach, Thunderbolt Pizza rises to the top even despite being fairly new compared to the other places mentioned above. They strive to be an immediate favorite within the city with an interior that feels right for a dine-in experience (especially when it's safer to eat in a restaurant) and a menu with plenty of toppings and sides to choose from. You have got to commend Thunderbolt Pizza for continuing to build up from what they began. It's a new chain with a bright future ahead as more customers living in Long Beach stop by for a bite!

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