Best Dog Beaches Near Long Beach California

Best Dog Beaches Near Long Beach California

While it’s no secret that many Californians love the beach, that goes for our four-legged friends as well. With nearly year-round warm weather, the beaches continue to see foot traffic all year long, especially during the winter months when California locals flock to beaches after all of the tourists have left for the season. As the weather and Pacific Ocean begins to cool off, if you don’t want to grab your wetsuit, you can enjoy the day by letting your dog’s splash and play at one of the local dog beaches.

While there are quite a few different dog beaches within the Long Beach area, these three beaches and parks have received the best ratings and are generally the most frequently visited.

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Rosie’s Dog Beach

With bathrooms, showers, and even a water fountain for dogs, Rosie’s Dog Beach is family friendly and allows dogs to run off-leash. The beach is also known for being extremely clean as pet owners ensure to clean up after their pets to keep the beaches full of sand and nothing else. Rosie’s Dog Beach is located at 5000 Ocean Blvd.

Dog BeachBest Dog Beaches Near Long Beach California

Located at 20211 Huntington Beach Bike Trail, Dog Beach provides drinking fountains for dogs, doggie clean up stations, and off-leash hours for your pets to roam. Another bonus to this beach is that parking is easily attainable and affordable, the main lot is priced at $2 per hour, allowing for a hassle-free trip to the beach.

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Bluff Park

While Bluff Park isn’t a designated Dog Beach, it is pet friendly and provides stunning views. Off the sandy beach you can find a fully fenced dog park, basketball courts, and even a skate park. Located at 2500 E Ocean Blvd, Bluff Park features both sandy beach shores and large grassy fields. If you plan to spend time outside of the designated dog park area dogs are required to be kept on a leash at all times, however, are always welcomed to walk on-leash to explore the parks beauty.

Whether you plan to enjoy the sunshine with a surfboard and a wetsuit, a tennis ball and man’s best friend, or a sandy quiet beach with a book, Long Beach has the perfect beaches for every occasion. With so much to offer, residents, tourists, and dogs alike will all love exploring the different beaches and parks within Long Beach.

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