Best Places To See Christmas Lights in Long Beach

As the Christmas season gets closer and closer, you may be wondering where to find the best place to see Christmas lights. Long Beach, California, and nearby cities have some great places for families and friends to enjoy the Christmas decorations this winter. Below, we will briefly discuss six of the best places in Long Beach and surrounding areas that you should visit to get into the holiday spirit.

1. Brea, California

Less than 30 miles away from Long Beach is the city of Brea, California. Once you arrive in Brea, you should look for the neighborhood called Eagle Hill. This neighborhood has an area with many decorated houses that are overflowing with Christmas lights. Almost every corner is prepared for the holidays, and your family will be amazed at all the beautiful sights. It is very hard for anyone driving by to miss, as it looks like a miniature wonderland.

2. La Palma, California

La Palma, California is a short distance of 20 miles from Long Beach. If you are up for the drive, you should travel to Dallas Drive, near Walker and Houston Avenue. After arriving, park your vehicle somewhere safe and walk around this charming, holiday-themed cul de sac. This neighborhood's holiday spirit continues to grow, as more and more homes are joining in the Christmas decorations. It is a must-see for families, friends, and young ones.

3. Fountain Valley, California

Another nearby city that offers holiday fun in Fountain Valley, which is around 15 miles from Long Beach. Once you have made it to the city, drive to a neighborhood located near Brookhurst Street and Heil Avenue, which is directly across from Mile Square Park. This is where you will find many Christmas displays, lights, and decorations. Before leaving Fountain Valley, you must also visit the well-known house that has over 56,000 Christmas lights. This house can be found off Stanislaus Street and Apache Rive Avenue, and it is a truly incredible sight.

4. Christmas Tree Lane in Long Beach, California

The Christmas Tree Lane is located in Long Beach and does not require you to get out of your vehicle to walk around. Instead, you can make a quick drive-through and view the displays from your window. This Christmas attraction can be found in the Wrigley neighborhood, which is near Daisy Avenue and 21st Street. Sometimes, the neighborhood will also host a parade for guests, which is enjoyable for everyone of all ages.

5. Naples Island, California

Naples Island is a very popular place to visit during the Christmas season. It is known to be the best place to see Christmas lights in Long Beach, and some would even argue that it has the best Christmas decorations throughout the entire United States. Just park your vehicle close to 2nd Street and walk to the holiday displays.

A few other attractions that bring visitors to town during the holidays are the Trolley Ride Light Tour and the Water Bikes. The Trolley Ride Light Tour gives visitors a ride around Naples to see the Christmas displays. Each passenger is provided a cup of hot cocoa and cookies. Water Bikes is a contest in which competitors ride LED-lit Hydrobikes across the water. Each person who competes is provided a cup of hot cocoa.

6. Sleepy Hollow in Torrance, California

Only a 12-mile drive from Long Beach is the city of Torrance, California. This city provides impressive Christmas attractions for families, friends, and little ones to view. It is recommended to drive to Pacific Coast Highway and Robert Road and park near Tulita Elementary School. While walking around viewing the decorations, you and your loved ones can enjoy some hot chocolate, candy, popcorn, and cookies sold by several of the houses.

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