Business Spotlight: Catalina Express Round-Trip Ferry Service

Catalina Island is a must-visit if you're in Long Beach. There's no better way to get there than with Catalina express. The ferry service just celebrated its 40th year of service to the island. What began with a single boat to the island, the service has quickly become the foremost boat service offering trips to the island.

The service began in 1981 when three residents of the island realized a gaping need for reliable and quick transportation to and from the island. Since its inception, the service has provided transportation for more than 33 million passengers.

During its first year of service, the Express operated a 60-person boat. Not satisfied with their initial resources, the founders used local boat builders and engineers to create innovative vessels that would provide a unique experience for customers. The Catalina Express has taken the traditional ferry experience to a new level; it offers modern airplane-style seating and panoramic window views on the top deck.

The fleet now includes eight high-speed boats with four large catamarans. The Express is not only known for its luxury; it's also the safest option to get back and forth from the island.

Once you're on board, you'll be greeted with an option to select cabin seating or upper deck seating on the outside of the boat. The vessel also has a full bar on board, along with snacks. Some boats offer private lounges which offer complimentary beverages, increased privacy, and priority check-in and boarding.

Each boat in the fleet uses environmentally responsible engines which have been engineered to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to the air and water. The vessels are clean, smooth, and efficient.

We've already convinced you that Catalina Express is the best way to get to the island. What should you do once you're there?

While Catalina Island is a popular summer destination, there's plenty to do and enjoy year-round. There are plenty of historical and cultural attractions that showcase the unique history that the island enjoys. Hike in unique and scenic locations, participate in local craft events, and enjoy local food and wine while on the island.

One of the most notable features of the island is the unique tile work that covers many of the buildings. If you desire, you can make your own Catalina tile and bring a piece of the history back with you.

Hiking on the island is a must-do activity for cooler weather. The botanical garden is a great place to begin your adventure. Make your way to the Wrigley Memorial for an excellent end to your hiking trip.

The Island's casino also offers private tours that showcase the history and award-winning architecture of the space, a perfect daytime alternative to actually visiting the casino.

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