Business Spotlight: Long Beach Antique Market

If you are looking for things to do in Long Beach, visit the Long Beach Antique Market. Established in 1982, it offers antiques, collectibles, vintage, and flea market finds. Located at Long Beach Veterans Stadium, the Antique Market provides over 20-acres of merchandise from over 800 vendors. It opens at 5:30 am and runs until 3 pm on the third Sunday of every month. The Antique Market has so much to offer, you might miss the celebrity standing next to you.

What's for sale?

With so many merchants, you can find anything, such as a kitchen sink or two, and there will be new items every month. You can check the Antique Market blog to learn about some of the sellers. As you browse the flea market, be sure to get business cards of the vendors you like so you can visit them on your next trip.

With all the clothing choices, you will be sure to find items that suit your style. Merchants offer both recent and vintage designer pieces. You can also find vintage clothing from a variety of styles and periods. For creative DIYers, the material in the clothes can be used in a pillow, stuffed animal, or some other item.

Jewelry can range from expensive designer pieces to period costume jewelry. Whether you are looking for a necklace to complete multiple outfits, a bracelet for special occasions, or a statement piece, you should find it at the Antique Market.

If you are looking for home furnishings, you will find any type of furniture and multiple decor styles. Some furniture has been refinished, but other pieces can be good-as-new, distressed, or need refinishing. Selecting home furnishings at the Antique Market leaves deciding where it will go in your home and how it will be used.

From wall art to items for shelves and tables, home decor accessories in different styles are abundant at the flea market. You will find pieces that blend in with your decor and statement or novelty items. Your problem may be in limiting what you choose.

Beyond home furnishings and home decor, you may want to explore the architectural salvage available at the Antique Market. These vendors are allowed to enter homes and buildings that are being demolished and remove architectural features. This can range from stained glass windows to lighting fixtures. If you are a DIY remodeler, keep your eye out for items that add a focal point to your home.

If you are a collector, you can probably add to your collection whenever you visit the Antique Market.

A fun activity at the Antique Market is looking for creative repurposing ideas. The vendors supply many repurposing ideas in their displays, such as creating candlesticks from different items and a planter made from a metal toy pickup truck. One merchant used 32 salt and pepper shakers as chess pieces.

With so many items, you may agree that the Long Beach Antique Market is not open enough hours.

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