Business Spotlight: The Attic

Long Beach has a lot to offer. Its classic, eclectic style and mix of trendy new businesses, and sense of classic style make it a great place to settle down. The Attic is like a perfect microcosm of everything great about Long Beach -- its offerings, history, and atmosphere make it a must-visit for anyone visiting the area, or for anyone looking for a perfect Sunday brunch location.

The space is at once homey and inviting -- in part due to it being in an actual 1920's craftsman-style home. Far from feeling stuffy or overdone, the space manages to balance a light, airy, and sophisticated atmosphere with the intimacy and coziness of a private home. The setting evokes a sense of a private dinner with friends and family.

The space was re-designed in the past year to further accentuate the natural beauty of the home that it inhabits. Charcoal, brass, and deep burnt orange accentuate every surface of the space, while floral prints and floor-to-ceiling gallery walls remind the visitor that the space is truly a home. The bar is adorned with black geometric tile and luxurious marble, offering a sense of contrast to the homely elements that comprise the dining space.

Owner Steve Massis opened his current restaurant after managing two Long Beach restaurants, Open Sesame and Le Creperie. Massis opened his current restaurant with a vision of bringing classic, Southern hospitality to the notoriously international Long Beach food scene. Massis brings a touch of class and innovation with this new offering.

Chef Cameron Slaugh is the newly-appointed head chef of the establishment. Slaugh, who grew up on a farm, has a particular passion for using local, seasonal ingredients. He's the perfect fit for a restaurant striving to bring Souther American comfort to Long Beach.

Slaugh stated that a general feeling of discontentment with the state of The Attic fueled its recent revamp: "That was one of the first things I asked Steve when I came in, I made sure it was clear: You have a restaurant that is slammed—slammed, slammed—every single day, you have a three-hour wait for brunch," Slaugh said, "What do you need me for? And it essentially came down to wanting to create something special for the community and for ourselves. It is probably the most honest conversation I've had with a restaurant owner; you could feel our energy." (

In his new food offerings, Slaugh has steered clear of mediocrity. Crispy octopus starters, scallops, and Long Beach classic "Chicken under a brick." Anther dish pairs beef tartare atop a bone marrow bed, offering a visceral yet elegant protein experience.

Menu Offerings

Favorites among appetizers at the space are short rib poutine and Mac & Cheetos, "House-made pasta coated in a creamy cheddar, mozzarella, and jack cheese sauce, then topped with crumbled flaming hot Cheetos and green onions." Main courses include offerings like chicken and waffles and gumbo. Not only are his dishes elegant; they're beautiful as well. He balances high-end flair with accessible wit quite will in the menu.

The Attic is a perfect place to gather with friends around beautiful spaces and elegant, accessible food. It's the perfect locale for your next great memory.

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