Business Spotlight: Yoga108

In Hinduism and yoga, the number 108 is considered sacred. When you step inside Yoga108's studio in Long Beach, California, you're struck by the successful combination of the sacred aspects of yoga and the clean, modern lines of the studio. They work in harmony to integrate the balance of the yoga discipline with life in today's world, which can be anything but harmonious and disciplined.

About The Studio

Founders Madhuri and Theresa have used their life experiences and their passion for both fitness and yoga to create an environment that encourages their students to higher levels of power and consciousness.

Personal fitness is a passion with both Madhuri and Theresa, and individually tailored programs are available to help students with weight loss or other issues. A registered dietitian can help students plan healthy eating regimens. Pilgrimages, retreats, and workshops are offered as well as teacher training for those who want to become instructors.

What Types Of Yoga Are Offered?

All levels of yoga are offered from beginner to advanced and beyond. Whether you're just starting yoga and need to learn the basics of poses and their names, or you want HIIT, or you need to challenge your current routine, Yoga108 Studio has a program for you. Its dedicated and knowledgeable instructors are happy to guide you through your physical or spiritual journey or both.

Are The Classes Heated?

We use radiant heat in our classes, also called infrared heat. This enables the students to be warm on the inside without having stifling heat on the outside. Infrared heat has been shown to be more beneficial to the body and promotes circulation, eases pain, reduces side effects of diabetes, and boosts the immune system. Many yoga studios in Long Beach use traditional heat, and you can feel like you're exercising in direct sunlight. Our method, however, warms you from the inside while the ambient air is at a pleasant temperature. We also offer non-heated classes for those who dislike any heat during their class.

Online Classes

For those who prefer virtual training, we provide two or three live classes daily. We also have a video-on-demand library that contains more than 200 strength and yoga classes. Online registration is available on the site.


On September 3, 2021, we traveled to Rishikesh and beyond to explore and learn the spiritual aspects of India's landscape, and our final destination was Vrindavan. One or two daily yoga classes were offered, and we stayed at the nicest accommodations available. Since the tour's objective is self-discovery and introspection, we followed a vegetarian diet, and we discouraged the use of alcohol or drugs.

What's Your Pricing Structure?

Our pricing structure is available online and is competitive with other yoga studios in Long Beach. We offer a 10 percent discount to military personnel, full-time students, and teachers. Memberships are available in varying lengths, including unlimited drop-ins, and single drop-ins are always welcome.

Parking And Address

Our physical address is 119 E 3rd Street, Long Beach. We're across from Harvey Milk Park, and free, two-hour parking is available half a block west of our studio. Metered parking is available on Long Beach Boulevard and Pine Street.

Yoga108 is one of the best yoga studios in the area and has some of the best yoga instructors you'll find. Visit them soon for the best spiritual and physical yoga experience you've had.

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