Considering Buying A Home Unseen? 5 Mistakes To Avoid

In the past, most people wouldn’t have considered trying to buy a house without taking a full tour. After all, touring potential new homes is one of the more exciting parts of being a homebuyer. However, the coronavirus pandemic changed how many people started their search for a new home.

With more realtors offering virtual tours to minimize the risk of spreading the virus, many homebuyers jumped on the new trend of relying on technology to view prospective homes. This strategy is still fairly safe, but you’ll want to watch out for these common mistakes that can interfere with your goal of finding the perfect new house for your family.

Failing to Ask Enough Questions

When you aren’t there in person, you have to rely upon your real estate agent to give you all of the details. You can also gather information from other sources such as the HOA committee and potential neighbors who are interested in sharing their perspectives. Write down a list of all of the questions that you have about a property, and don’t worry about seeming too needy. Most agents have no problem letting you know things such as whether the street gets busy in the afternoon. Since you’ll be the one stuck with an issue, it is better to find out now.

Ignoring the Importance of a Strong Agent

You’ll be working closely with your real estate agent for what could possibly be several weeks to months. Communication is always important, but it becomes increasingly critical when you are doing virtual tours. Do whatever it takes to find a reputable agent that thrives on helping you find the right home. You can ask for references, read online testimonials, and request a pre-home buying interview to make sure that you have a great connection.

Forgetting to Use Every Technological Tool Available

Most homes today have virtual viewings available that include things such as 3D renderings of the home. Many also have videos that can take you through an online walk-through. However, these are often designed to showcase only the highlights. You can use FaceTime to watch as your agent visits the home, and they can do things such as open closet doors or walk around the backyard to give you a better view. Google Street view and other online offerings give you a more detailed understanding of homes for sale in Long Beach.

Overlooking the Need for a Floor Plan

A floor plan gives you a complete layout of how each room in the house works together. You can also use details from the floor plan to decide whether or not the space fits your preferred furniture arrangement. If you can’t get a floor plan, then at least ask for the measurements of each room. This helps you to avoid discovering that a house has an office space that doesn’t fit your needs.

Skipping an Inspection and Appraisal

In a competitive market, some buyers might be tempted to skip this important part of the process. If you aren’t required to do an inspection and appraisal, it is still worth getting one done. You’ll be able to identify problems before you commit to the purchase and feel more confident about buying the house unseen.

The home buying process has changed a lot over the years, and virtual viewings open up your options for finding the perfect house. As you do your search, remember to keep an open mind but stay smart. Asking questions and leaning on your real estate agent gives you an edge for finding the right property.

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