Don’t Neglect These 6 Maintenance Tasks When Selling Your Home

Applying fresh paint and professionally cleaning the carpets may be at the top of your to-do list as a home seller, but there are plenty of other details that require some attention. Don't overlook these top 6 maintenance tasks as you put your property on the market. These fine details make a real difference in your selling power.

1. Tidy up the Clutter

Buyers may be turned off by a property with clutter around the exterior. If you're selling in the winter, put away the gardening tools and patio furniture. Let the property reflect the season. Any items that wouldn't be in use right now shouldn't be visible. The home appears well-kept and clean as a result of your efforts.

2. Look Upwards

Buyers won't see the roof and gutters at first glance, but clues about their care can be at ground level anytime. Puddles, yellow stains across the walls, and other telltale issues speak volumes during an open house. A poorly maintained roof will create these eyesores and deter buyers.

Clean out those gutters and ask for a roof inspection before putting the property on the market. These small investments into the home's maintenance can pay off in the end.

3. Check the Curb Appeal

Always look at the home from the buyer's perspective. Walk out to the sidewalk and look at the property. Tree branches, dead leaves, and other details must be taken care of before showing the home. Hire a landscaper to clean up the property. Mowing the lawn can really make a difference to buyers as they pull up to the home.

4. Take Care of Openings Into Home

Walk around the home's exterior. Note any openings into the structure, such as along the siding or foundation. Cover those openings so that no critters, from ants to raccoons, can come in. Sellers want a clean home to show at the open house. This task may also help the home's insulation factor too.

5. Service Those Major Appliances

Every major appliance should work inside the home. A future home inspection will reveal any issues, so it's best to tackle them now. Hire an HVAC professional to check the heating and cooling, for example. Repeat this process for the electrical system, chimney, dishwasher, and other amenities within the home. There won't be any surprises for either party with this maintenance strategy.

6. Give the Exterior Windows a Wash

It doesn't matter what time of year it is; clean windows must be part of your maintenance plan. Wash them yourself or hire a professional to reach those second-story windows. The difference is noticeable as buyers walk up to your home. Dirty windows make people wonder about the property's overall care.

Turn to your real estate agent in Long Beach as you ready your home for the seller's market. These professionals can go over any other specifics in order to sell your property at top dollar. Maintaining your home is the best way to see bids fly in from multiple buyers.

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