Enjoy Your Morning Cup Of Joe At Ground Hideout Coffee

Ground Hideout Coffee is a family-owned coffee shop and cafe that brings the knowledge and experience of life on a coffee plantation together with the feeling of being a part of a family connected by coffee.

The Bonilla family grew up on a coffee farm where they learned to appreciate coffee harvested from their own backyard and acquired the skills of coffee growing and tasting. This, their Downtown Long Beach coffee shop, is the realization of a long-held dream to create an atmosphere that welcomes people from all walks of life to discover the joys of quality coffee the right way: with family and friends.

Coffee and Other Beverages

At Ground Hideout Coffee, you can enjoy a variety of coffees, teas, and all-natural bottled sodas and juices. Every espresso drink at Ground Hideout is measured down to the exact gram for the best taste and quality. In addition to the drinks described below, Ground Hideout also offers a seasonal rotation of specialty drinks.

Coffee at Ground Hideout Coffee

Ground Hideout Coffee serves specialty coffee freshly roasted each week by Santa-Cruz-based partner Verve Coffee. Their menu includes coffee brewed in the gamut of methods:

  • Drip coffee
  • Single-origin
  • Pour Over
  • Cold-brew
  • Nitro flash brew
  • Espresso
  • Macchiato
  • Cortado
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Latte
  • Orange cardamom latte
  • Chagaccino
  • Mocha

They also sell a variety of Verve Coffees retail. And, for those who want a little kick of another sort with their coffee, there’s even a Ground Hideout Coffee brand cold brew growler.

If you like a little creamer in your coffee, you can choose between regular cream or milk as well as a selection of alternative kinds of milk that include almond, pistachio, and oat milk. If you like a little flavor mixed in with your coffee flavor, you can enjoy a variety of organic syrups added, including vanilla, SF vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and lavender.


The selection of iced, hot, chai, kombucha, and matcha teas available at Ground Hideout rivals their coffee selection, with exotic tea-infused inventions like:

  • Matcha latte, rose latte, and lemonade
  • Masala chai and turmeric ginger chai latte
  • Kombucha on tap
  • Hot teas - Including Earl Grey, lavender mint, blueberry hibiscus, Yuzu peach green, and chamomile botanical medley
  • Iced teas - Including Peach black, citrus green, and wild berry hibiscus
  • Specialty hot teas - Like Valerian Dream, Elderberry Healer, and Moonlight Jasmine

You can also take a variety of Reishi teas and matcha teas with you to brew at home.


In addition to their wide selection of drinks, Ground Hideout Coffee also serves a palette of delicious food to satisfy your palate. Like their coffees and teas, all food served at Ground Hideout is made and served fresh with the highest quality ingredients. Their artisan pastries baked fresh every day are organic and preservative- and additive-free. They source their ingredients, like for their famous specialty toasts and breakfast burritos made in-house, from California farms. And, they offer gluten-free options.


Whether you live in Long Beach or are just passing through, whether you prefer coffee or tea or are just looking for a good bite to eat, Ground Hideout Coffee is the perfect local hideout.

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