Helpful Tips For Buyer In A Sellers’ Market

The real-estate industry often swings between sellers' or buyers' markets. If you're looking at homes for sale in Long Beach when supply is low, you're in a sellers' market. Avoid any disappointments by trying these helpful tips from professionals. It's possible to find that dream home with a little strategy on your side.

Do Your Online Research

In the past, visiting multiple homes over several weekends was the norm. Open houses were casual events for both the buyers and sellers. Today's hottest properties, however, tend to sell incredibly fast. Perform your own property tours by going online and virtually walking through several homes. You'll save time with this tactic.

Delete any homes that don't work for your needs. Keep around three to five properties in mind for possible bids. You can always tour them later on. Getting the bid to the seller is the priority here.

Head to the Bank

Take as much control of the sellers' market as possible by prioritizing financing now. You may not have a home picked out yet, but the most time-consuming process involves loan approval. Look for a pre-approved loan from your local bank. This financing gets you through part of the process, which speeds up the funding end. Most sellers see a pre-approved loan as a practical guarantee that a sale will go through on the closing day. Waiting for financing after putting in a bid might create time issues. The seller can choose another candidate in this case.

Be Forthcoming

When you come upon the perfect home, put in a bid right away. Don't try to be clever with the pricing either. This type of market puts the seller at an advantage. Ideally, bid at the asking price or even above it. In this scenario, you won't know how other bids look. It's very rare for a low offer to be accepted in competitive markets. Offer a reasonable amount that you feel comfortable with from a financial perspective. The right home will come along even if you don't win out on the first bid.

Stay Flexible

The final price isn't always the key factor for sellers. They may want some flexibility from the buyer. For instance, the seller may need extra time to move out. Stretching the move-out date to an agreed-upon time is valuable in the seller's eyes. You may be the only buyer offering that flexibility.

Consider other negotiation tactics, including bartering over household items. The seller may not want to move the laundry system, for example. Ask if it can be part of the home sale. You gain valuable appliances while taking stress off the seller. Communicate with the seller in order to make the transition as comfortable as possible.

Remember that real estate is always being transitioned between owners and buyers. If you don't end up with your first choice, you can always wait for another opportunity or look at other options. Keep a practical mind about your purchase so that you can have a home that's truly a joy.

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