Local Spotlight: House of Intuition Long Beach

For spiritual seekers looking for things to do in Long Beach, the House of Intuition is the place to go. The shop offers everything from guided meditations and astrology lessons to tarot readings and crystals. It’s a place where like-minded souls gather to share ideas and embrace the metaphysical.

Here's what they offer:

Classes and Workshops

The House of Intuition offers a variety of classes to help seekers increase self-awareness, sharpen their intuition, and heal energetic blockages. A calendar lists sessions on setting intentions and using astrology to create a better life. It also shows different kinds of guided meditations, including yoga Nidra, loving-kindness, mindfulness, and breathing exercises. A video streaming service gives viewers a chance to listen to sound baths and meditations or to watch hundreds of hours of video clips on related topics. (Classes may be virtual-only during the pandemic.)

Tarot Readings

A tarot card reading provides insight into past, present, or future events. In a phone call, the card reader connects to the sitter’s essence and the symbology of the cards to give guidance and clear obstacles.

A Guide to Manifesting

The House of Intuition has its own book, “Your Intuition Led You Here.” Readers will find recipes for using oils, herbs, crystals, candles, and elements to create rituals for overcoming difficulties and bringing in new opportunities. The book also makes an excellent gift for that friend on the road to enlightenment.

Magical Gifts and Goods

On the shelves at the House of Intuition, shoppers can find everything they need for a metaphysical toolbox, including these:

  • Oils, incense, tarot or oracle cards, and holy water for altars
  • Bath and body products, cleansing sprays, skin and hair items, and quartz rollers
  • Candles for every intention, including money, love, gratitude, balance, and abundance
  • Crystal pendulums, magic wands, and massage tools
  • Bracelets with stones for protection and energy
  • Crystal rings and necklaces

An online crystal encyclopedia features images of crystals and explains their use. Stones and crystals are available in the store and online.

Zodiac Mantra Art

The House of Intuition features original paintings and limited-edition prints by artist Tashina Suzuki. Suzuki, who calls her work Zodiac Mantra Art, meditates and receives information from her spirit guides before she paints. Her works embrace the deep hues of the seven chakras and the intricate symbols of the zodiac. Each comes with a mantra that expresses the essence of the astrological sign.

The House of Intuition is a place where souls can rekindle their passion and curiosity. After all, exploring creativity is fun, but it's not just play. In the words of Albert Einstein, "Intuition is the only real valuable thing.”

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