Spend A Day At Sea With SoCal And Their Expert Whale Watching Team

If you are in dire need of interesting things to do in Long Beach, there are few better experiences than what SoCal Whale Watching provides. Simply park along Aquarium Way and you can depart on one of many excursions into California's waters. While the company offers two amazing whale-watching experiences, a public 90-minute one, and a private 150-minute version, there are other things you can do while enjoying California's sea life aboard Captain Steve's vessel.

Even the eponymous activity of whale watching extends to opportunities to watch pods of dolphins. If your time is limited but you still want to have an amazing aquatic experience, SoCal Whale Watching offers a 60-minute adventure to spot sea lions, whales, and dolphins along Long Beach. If you are feeling like something passionate, the company offers a 90-minute cruise complete with champagne, a toast, and a picnic right at the peak of sunset to give that extra flourish of romance.

Lastly, the company offers guests the chance to explore Catalina Island during all hours of operation. Guests can explore the coves, vacant beaches, and vibrant rock reefs. Picnicking supplies are provided and the price of admission covers snacks, lunch, and drinks.

If you think these options sound nice but at in the mood for something more specific to your group's exact tastes, SoCal Whale Watching is open for private charters. This allows you to decide on what locations you want to see, with blankets, towels, and a Bluetooth speaker provided for all endeavors plus a full charcuterie picnic, should the charter take up at least three hours out of the day. You are also able to pick from multiple drop-off locations to suit your perfect trip.

Regardless of the specific sort of outing you have in mind, the boat is limited to a maximum party size of 6 people so there is more than enough room to handle couples and families. Just remember that you will want everyone to wear at least one extra layer of clothing to handle the weather and waters, proper eye protection, and of course a camera to record every amazing minute of your nautical activity.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the sorts of creatures you can see on one of these excursions vary with the season. While dolphins are always a crowd-pleaser as they swim through the waters all year, summer is ideal for spotting the largest variety of whales from blues and grays to humpbacks, Minkes, fins, Seis, and even sometimes an orca; the fall season opens up for sightings of gray whales, humpback whales, and fin whales; winter is when gray whales migrate and give birth around Baja and spring is when you can find humpback whales, the occasional krill-hungry blue whale, and gray whales, the last of which are commonly mother-child pairs in this season. In short, you are bound to have an amazing encounter with at least one form of sea life by signing up with SoCal.

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