Things We Wish We Would Have Known Sooner When Moving To Long Beach

Long Beach is a beautiful city. Many people describe it as a “small town within a big city.” It is a great combination of urban and suburban life and beach relaxation. There are some people that think about things we wish we would have known prior to moving to Long Beach. It is located between Orange County and Los Angeles. Cal State University is located in Long Beach. The town has a population of 469,000. The coldest it may drop down to in the winter is about 45 degrees. 

Long Beach has a very competitive market in terms of housing that has been increasing over the years. Homes average out to about $550,000. This price can alternate depending on the size of the home as well as its location. Be cautious of your financial situation prior to moving to Long Beach so you can have a general idea of what you can afford.

Utility Costs
The size of your home as well as the amount of water and electricity you use will play a huge role in determining how much your utility costs average out to each month. The information regarding estimates you may come across during your research is based on a condo with a size of 915 sq ft. The cost averages out to $146 a month in utilities. 

You only are given 10 days to get a new license in the state of California after moving from out of state. Keep that in mind. You will need to show proof of address, birth date, name, etc. You will also be required to take and pass a vision test at the DMV. It costs about $46 for a vehicle registration fee. 
However, there are other modes of transportation if you do not have a car or do not plan on using it that often. If you have no problems with riding a bike, Long Beach provides bike riders with bike paths to maneuver around the city. Buses are available at $1.25 each ride. There is also a train known as the Blue Line train that you can take if you are headed to Long Beach airport. It also goes into downtown Long Beach for those who work in the area. Taxis are another option for transportation. Aquabus water taxis and the Aqualink are among the most popular. 

If you are moving to Long Beach, make yourself familiar with the 30 different neighborhoods in the city. It may be best to check them out in person to see which area is best for you and your family. 

Here are a few:
• Rose Park - This neighborhood tends to be a favorite for most people. It is full of vintage homes. This area is known to be highly active throughout the year, hosting many events. 

• Belmont Shore - One of the best neighborhoods for beachside living. The Pacific Ocean borders this beautiful neighborhood. If you are someone who enjoys the water and the beach, this is the perfect area for you. It offers many restaurants, bars, and shops as well.

• Downtown - If you enjoy urban areas, downtown maybe your best option. There are way too many restaurants, shops, and breweries to choose from. Many attractions such as the Entertainment Center and the Long Beach Convention draws visitors every year. 

Things to Do
• There are many things to do in Long Beach. Long Beach is primarily known for art. The Museum of Latin American Art and Long Beach Museum of Art are both wonderful museums to visit. 

• Tacos are everywhere in Long Beach more than anywhere else in the U.S. If you love eating tacos, you will not have a hard time finding a place nearby that serves them.

• Queen Mary is located in Long Beach. It sits on Long Beach harbor permanently. There are many events throughout the year that are held in and outside of the ship. 

• No need to visit Italy to see Naples. Naples, Long Beach is actually a place that features beautiful mansions alongside walkways that are peaceful. 

• Long Beach has about 93 parks in the city. They take up many acres. El Dorado Park is the largest of them all and is located along the eastern edge of the city. If you are into gardens, you are in for a treat because the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is located directed at Cal State University. 

• One of the most diverse cities in both the state and country happens to be Long Beach. People from different walks of life can be seen all across Long Beach. This just goes to show you how much personality alone the city has. 

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