Top 10 Soul Food Restaurants You Must Try In Long Beach

Long Beach, California may be best known for the pristine beaches and surfing. What you will be surprised to find is the amazing assortment of soul food restaurants throughout the city. Check out a few of the top places to eat soul food in Long Beach.

1. R Kitchen Soul Food

R Kitchen Soul Food has some of the most popular dishes that you would find in your grandparent's kitchen or in the southern states. Find delicious meals such as pork chops and meatloaf, as well as unique dishes such as oxtails. No matter what you get, you are sure to be transported to your favorite memories when tasting these foods.

2. Soul Food Renaissance

Soul Food Renaissance offers the tastes of the south in the many dishes that are offered through the expansive menu. You will find meals such as fried pork chops, catfish, red snapper, turkey wings, and more. You can order this for delivery or for takeout right now.

3. Georgia's Restaurant

Georgia's Restaurant is known best for its chicken and waffles, corn muffins, and delicious sandwich options. The foods that are offered are still made under the name of Gretchen Shoemaker, who puts her heart and soul into everything she cooks. They even offer catering services so you can taste the flavors anywhere you need them.

4. Parrains Soulfood

Parrains Soulfood does not only want to offer some of the best-tasting food in California, but they also want to build a community. This restaurant even offers special menus at certain events such as taco parties. Everything that is made is made to take you to another place so that you can experience the soul-warming that comes with every taste.

5. J Looney's

J Looney's brings the tastes of New Orleans to Long Beach, California in that they offer what they call creole menu options. You will find authentic gumbo, po'boys, chicken and waffles, and much more at this restaurant. They also have an excellent barbecue to bring out that taste you desire.

6. M'Dear's Bakery and Bistro

M'Dear's Bakery and Bistro offers great southern meals such as fried chicken, pork chops and gravy, and catfish to name a few. There are also sides that truly reflect soul food such as collard greens, mac and cheese, and more. Finally, the staff includes expert bakers who create those flavors that you can only get at your grandmother's house.

7. O'Nells Comfort Kitchen

O'Nells Comfort Kitchen has made its slogan "everything we do, we do for you." This showcases how much this restaurant cares about you as the customer and in giving you the best comfort foods you can ask for. Menu options include grits and eggs, fried chicken, a pork chops breakfast, salmon croquettes, and many other southern-based dishes.

8. The Tackle Box Southern Seafood & More

The Tackle Box Southern Seafood & More has been in existence for over five years since they started as a food truck. They now operate through a brick and mortar restaurant in which they serve some of the best southern seafood dishes. These include fried lobster, shrimp, catfish, po'boys, and much more.

9. Louisiana Asian Kitchen

Louisiana Asian Kitchen is a very unique restaurant in that they offer fried chicken, chicken wings, and other southern-traditional dishes, along with Asian fusion dishes that are unique to them. They have tried to blend these two cultures to bring you a sense of soul food that is unlike anything found anywhere else.

10. RJ Southern Home Cooking

RJ Southern Home Cooking a family-run restaurant in that it is run by two sisters who cook and have learned many of their recipes from their mother and grandmother. They have a passion for helping others and feeding their community the best there is to offer. That is why every meal that you will receive at this restaurant is one that is home-cooked and tastes like home.

Though you may not initially think of it, Long Beach, California is a great place to find soul food. You may even find that you will fall in love and move to this city just from the amazing food that they have to offer.

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